How Much Is Jeffree Star Worth?

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger was born in Orange County, California. More popularly known as Jeffree Star, he is a versatile artist having a reputation in many fields of show business such as singing, songwriting, fashion design and makeup arts. He has been in the business since the year 2006.

Humble Beginnings Of Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star was raised by his widowed mother, and at an early age of six, he has been interested in make-up and has been playing and experimenting with his mother’s makeup kit whenever her mother was not around. After graduating high school, he started taking up modeling and make-up artist jobs for some celebrities while doing some modeling himself.

Star has also earned his reputation in the music scene through inline blogs in his MySpace account. By also incorporating his modelling career online, this opportunity gave him a break for his musical career.

So far he has released music albums, one named “Cupcakes Taste Like Violence” and another named “Beauty Killer”.

He was even awarded as the most connected personality on MySpace in the year 2006. Truly, having connections on the internet can help any artist in their early career.

Star is also one of the most notable gender-bender and transgressive personalities when it comes to the fashion industry. His designs regarding genders are one of the best among the designers in America. His reputation along with his work has helped in accumulating Jeffree Star net worth.

As of today, Jeffree Star remains one of the most prominent icons in the fashion world. With his works advertised by many celebrities and many of these famous celebrities have their make-up dine by Star himself. Because of his many achievements, Jeffree Star net worth is expected to be at $800,000. He is currently enjoying a single life while still pursuing his career.