Are There Celebrities Worth A Billion Dollars?

Earning millions of dollars in the showbiz industry is already nothing new for celebrities. However, there are exceptional and outstanding celebrities that have billion dollars net worth of income. Currently, Rupert Murdoch, Oprah Winfrey, and Paul McCartney belong to the top 50 richest celebrities in the world. The three iconic individuals are included in the said list because their net worth of income reaches billions of dollars. Furthermore, you can visit for more information on the richest celebrities.

  • Rupert Murdoch
    With 13 billion dollars net worth of income, Rupert Murdoch is currently the first in the list of the richest celebrities. Murdoch’s career started when his father died in 1952. However, he did not take over the company that his late father left. But a few years later, he was able to create his own company called News Limited and bought other news-related companies in the US. Currently, Rupert Murdoch is the chairman and CEO of News Corporation, 21st Century Fox, and Fox News.
  • Oprah Winfrey
    For 25 years, The Oprah Winfrey Show dominated the television program industry in the United States. Oprah started her career hosting the said program where she earned the title, “Queen of All Media”. Besides from being a TV host and actress, she is currently the chairwoman and CEO of Harpo Productions and Oprah Winfrey network. Oprah Winfrey has also earned different awards such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded by the past president of the United States. Moreover, she was considered the richest African-American woman with a net worth income of around 3 million dollars based from the
  • Paul McCartney
    If you’re a fan of The Beatles, then you probably know who Paul McCartney because he is one of the four members of the band. Paul started earning his popularity when formed the band with John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison but later on, he started a solo career. Due to the overwhelming amount of album sales and various awards, Paul was known as the most successful composer and recording artist of all time. In fact, his current net worth of income peaks at 1.2 billion dollars.

How Cheap Is Cheap Landed Property In Singapore?

If you want to buy a property, whether it is new or resale, it can still be very challenging. This is one of the things that you would really consider carefully. You have so many things to take into consideration such as your budget as well as the location of the property and what kind of housing you are comfortable in living in. When you want to get a cheap landed property for sale in Singapore, you will need to do your research beforehand. The price of the landed properties differs and it would also depend on how the owners or the sellers have taken care of the property you are willing to buy.

Finding The Best-Landed Property Out There
If you really want to get a cheap landed property for sale in Singapore you should consider more choices before you settle with one. One of the cheapest choices would be to get a resale, the only downside is that some owners may not have taken good care of their properties which is why you may have to pay additional to fix the damages. However, if you come across a decent offer and a decent property, then it will save you costs on renovation, maintenance and re-vamp of the said property. Make sure that you have a good eye on the properties that you are planning to buy.

A good way to start would be to look into the current trend of properties in your area. You can ask an agent to help you out or ask someone you trust that has knowledge in getting landed properties. There are reasons why some properties are cheaper than the others, and what matters is you don’t spend too much on the property, whether it may be from its price or from the renovations that you have to do afterward. Weigh your options and always spot irregularities in the property as well as the price.…

Effective SEO: Ottawa Has Great Providers

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is not just all about positioning the site at the top or getting a higher rank. Effective SEO is how effective your site is convincing the live users from viewers to customers. Think about this – your website is at the position where you want to but somehow, not even one live user subscribed at your platform. So, what went wrong in this scenario?

Lack Of Information

Regardless of how much you invest with SEO Ottawa and the company does execute the right thing and the right strategies making you number one at the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), you are not going to have a very good ROI when your main site has less information to offer. This is why it is important to understand that effective SEO starts with your main website. Before creating backlinks, search engine marketing, and social media marketing, what a business website must have is the right information and the right presentation.

CTA (Call To Action)

Effective SEO strategist will look for ways on how to make the viewers stay a bit longer and subscribe of whatever the site is offering. Therefore, SEO business is not just about the right keywords and metatags but rather, how can the content convinced the people that they have landed on the right web page. The CTA button is one of the most essential parts of any landing pages. But it won’t be effective if the viewers have no idea on what in the heck is the landing page is for. The content presentation must be relevant.

Bounce Rate

The SEO Ottawa has many things to offer and it is not just optimizing the site’s position but at the same time, optimizing the conversion rate of the site. It is like hitting two birds using one stone and that is what most site owners must understand today.…

The Views From A Parc Riviera Condo Will Be Amazing

Between apartments and condos, most people choose to live in condominiums because it has more benefits than living in an apartment. These days, living in a condominium is common because it offers people a relaxed and hassle-free lifestyle for an affordable price. Condominiums are also chosen by people because they offer amenities such as swimming pools and gymnasiums that their residents can enjoy for free. That is why; a lot of estate companies are now investing in the development of condominiums. In fact, one of the newest installations of EL Development in Singapore is the Parc Riviera condo. This 36-storey building is expected to be completed by 2020.

Views From Parc Riviera

Parc Riviera is located on West Coast Vale which is the newest extension of the original West Coast Road. The condominium is erected in such a way that it will not block the movement of air. Hence, it will not feel hot and humid in the area. The location of Parc Riviera also makes it convenient for people because it is near commercial towns such as the Jurong District and Clementi. Parc Riviera has 752 units which vary based on the number of bedrooms. Currently, the condominium has two show flats for interested buyers.

Parc Riviera has two towers that will both face different environments. The first tower will be facing the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) that serves as a boundary for the West Coast Vale. To compensate for the noises that will come from the expressway, the rooms of the condominium facing the highway will start on the fifth floor. On the other hand, the second tower will be facing an open field. This field will be used for recreational purposes such as playing courts for tennis and basketball. Moreover, the Parc Riviera condo is located next to Pandan River which can serve as a calm and peaceful view for the residents of the condominium.…

Don’t Let The Guys Have All The Fun – Plan A Stag Weekend For The Hen

Weddings are known as a two-way commitment and once someone goes into it, then there is no going back. This is the reason why friends take the time to plan a stag weekend in Newcastle for the groom while the bride’s maids also organize their own hen night. Simply put, it’s like a farewell to being single, and this is where the infamous memories usually happen because most people go all out in these kinds of events. After all, who doesn’t want their stag or hen night to be exciting and memorable?

Fun for Brides before the Wedding

Much like how men celebrate, girls also have their own way of bidding goodbye to single hood, and depending on what theme is chosen, it can be a classic party or a wild night. But either way, this can only mean great things for the bride in terms of having fun. There are quite a lot of options for creativity when it comes to producing a great hen night. Friends are mostly responsible for this event and they can easily get assistance from great organizers online. After all, the stag weekend in Newcastle is not the only way that bachelors can have fun.

Whenever we think about hen nights, some prefer it to be calmer and they go for pampering. Others are on the wild side, and they go all out before their wedding for that last hurrah. It’s a matter of choice and it will also depend on the bride. But either way, the best part of a hen night is having fun. It will not matter what the theme is as long as everyone is having fun in the event. This will surely pave the way for great memories before the final date of the wedding.…

What Celebrities Make The Most Money?

Celebrities make their money off of acting, modeling, endorsements and sometimes business contracts and brands of their own. Some of them have been commonly included in lists of the richest people in the world for a few times actually. Their income can be comparable with the income of the biggest business owners in the world. What’s interesting is that they are only utilizing their physical appearance in order to make money. To know more about celebrities’ income, here are some of the celebrities who have surprisingly high net worth according to

Top Actresses

First off, the popular actress and socialite, Dina Merrill. Dina’s current net worth was estimated to be as high as $5 billion. She came from a rich family in which she inherited almost $250 million. She then made a career on the big screen where she played various roles from films in 1950s-1990s. Next to the list is Oprah Winfrey. Her net worth was estimated to be $2.9 billion in which a large percent of it came from her appearances on the television. Oprah was originally a poor person during the early stages of her life until she eventually landed a career in television where she hosted a morning talk show called “AM Chicago” in 1983.

Top Actors

When it comes to male actors, Tom Cruise was recorded as the most paid actor in the world with an estimated net worth of $600 million. Tom did most of his career as an actor and then eventually became a producer, screenwriter as well as a director. He first started his professional acting career with a minor role in the film “Endless Love” in 1981. Next to him is Mel Gibson who has an estimated net worth amounting to $450 million. Like Tom Cruise, he did most of his career in the movie industry as an actor, director as well as producer. He played some of the biggest roles in the film industry such as Lethal Weapon and Mad Max.
For a more in-depth description and additional celebrities in the list, visit…

Where To Get A Car Warranty: Liberty Automotive Protection

When shopping for a car warranty, you should explore your options instead of settling for the first good one that you find. You should know the different offers that providers present you and compare these based on their suitability to your preferences and needs. You should know where and what to look for so that you will not regret the warranty that you end up paying for.

Getting a Car Warranty

With plans such as the Liberty Automotive Protection, here are some considerations to make to point you in the right direction:

  • Highly Rated
    Look into companies that have high ratings from the right authorities. High ratings equate to quality offers and services in the part of the warranty provider. This is because ratings are given after an evaluation or inspection and there is no other way that warranty providers can get high ratings than by proving they offer quality and reliability for their clients.
  • Variety of coverage
    Opt for a company that provides you with a variety of options for the vehicle coverage. If you want something tailored to your specific needs, the company should allow for customization plans. In such a way, you can negotiate both the features and the price of your premiums. The wide range of the selections is, the higher the chance that you will find the one suitable for your particular situation, preference, and needs.
  • Affordability
    Not everyone can shell a sizeable amount of money for their car insurance. Thus, when looking for a warranty, go to a provider that offers competitive rates even with customized protection plans. The key is to find the one that gives you the value of your money. To know your options, make price comparisons by asking for free quotes from a variety of insurance providers. This will give you an idea which Liberty Automotive Protection fits into your budget.

What’s The Purpose Of Buying YouTube Likes

How Can Startup Businesses Gain Visibility in the World Wide Web?

It is true, there are individuals who simply do not care about the risks they are going to take and make it following their dreams of building their business empires. Maybe, it is because they have the support of their immediate families, or they simply have the excess money to invest and cultivate it. Nevertheless, not all startup business owners share the same fortune. Most come up with this idea because these people know they can achieve more by becoming proprietors, and with their creative concepts and ingenuity, they will make it happen through practical choices and efficient marketing strategies.

Contrary to what most people believe, you do not have to have hundreds to thousands of dollars to make your product, services, or company known. As a matter of fact, it is usually based on your capacities to proffer commendable services, investment worthy products, and cost-effective e-marketing techniques like taking the social media networks by storm. Among these tactics, one of the most favored and hassle-free services are then you buy youtube likes for your Youtube account. This is an incredibly great deal, as it gives you the opportunity to introduce your modest and striving company to the World Wide Web for only $20. With each “like” and accumulating “views”, your page becomes visible with the right hashtags and consistent creative promotional videos to share to the public.

Is This a Viable Purpose for Getting the Service?

The business industry these days are indeed modernized and underwent modifications, especially, in matters of reaching their target market. If you are determined to help, your startup attain more visibility and catch the attention of your clients, both locally and internationally, getting the service and results when you buy Youtube likes is unquestionably somewhat you must obtain.…

Which Flea Killers Are Best For Dogs?

When you want to take care of your dogs properly, you need to make sure that you will do the proper things that you need to do. You need to keep them safe from anything that can harm them. There are lots of things that you need to do when you want to keep them safe from the different sickness that they can have. You need to make sure that you have enough knowledge in the things that you do because you need to keep in mind that they are also sensitive to the different things that you expose them to. When it comes to the fleas, you need to make sure that you will avoid having your dogs exposed from them by using flea killers. You need to keep them safe from them and there are lots of flea killers that you can check out.


You can check some medicine that you can use with your dogs. You just need to know how to let them take it without hurting them. You need to make sure that you will let your dog take a medicine that is appropriate for them. You can consult your veterinarian for the right medicine that your dog can take.


You can just buy a collar for your dog. This is easy because you will just put the collar and let its magic work. People will not know that you are using this collar to get the fleas away from your dogs. It would just be an additional accessory for your dog.


You can just use a shampoo that can take away the fleas from your dogs. You just need to substitute your normal shampoo to the shampoo that can kill the fleas. You just need to make sure that you know the concentration of the shampoo that you are going to use to prevent problems on your dog’s skin.…

Do Any Used Cars Under $10,000 Have Decent Mileage Left In Them?

Most people know that time is gold and aside from the reason that people want to do their task as easy as possible, people develop machines and automobiles like cars to also finish their tasks as soon as possible to save time. Traveling by car is very convenient especially to the passengers since they can just sit back and relax or even sleep during the travel. There are many innovations nowadays in the automobile industry and the brand new cars that each company release are truly stunning but these brand new cars are also very expensive and most people would just invest their money on other things than buying a brand new car. From this problem, the idea of buying used cars, which are more affordable, came into existence.

Is It Worth to Buy Used Cars?

Some people might think that buying used cars is a waste of money because they usually assume that the reason the owner is selling the car is because it has a problem but this is usually not the case. Most car owner sells their car for a number of reasons like they want to try other cars or they are migrating to another place so there is really nothing to worry about buying used cars even the used cars under $10,000. Used cars can still take you to a lot of places because most probably than not, the previous owner of the car really took good care of it and some might have even installed upgrades in them.

Buy Used Cars

Do not be afraid to buy even used cars under $10,000 because most of these cars are still in good condition and can still serve you very well for a long time. These cars can still give you a smooth ride in any type of road that you might encounter.…

The Pandora’s Box System – A Novel Path To A Relationship

Turning Point

We will never be kids forever in our lives. As time flies, we grow up and mature as different individuals. Perhaps we might decide to enjoy the young adult life at first, but there will come a time where we would want a family of our own, a house and car of our own, and even an independent life of our own. As we decide to settle down, we want to start this new life with the person that we would want to be with for the rest of our lives. This is one decision that you could either regret or be grateful for in the future.

The Struggles In Life

Let us admit it, not everyone in this world easily finds a partner, especially for us men. Since society has seen as us the ones that should initiate and engage the communication and link between the opposite sex, it has been as if the start of every relationship has been dependent on us. If you are the conservative and shy type of man that struggles in approaching the opposite sex, then you might want to try the pandoras box system for your problem. Through this program, you could get yourself a partner that would nurture you and love you for the rest of your life.

Be Practical

In the real world, love stories and relationship don’t always follow the plot that TV shows and romantic movies provide. To be exact, the real life is much simpler yet complex in a whole different way. But if you aspire to have a relationship or love story that seems to be written in the stars, then pandoras box system could give you what you want. This program would make your relationship sound as if you were in some novel written by some poetic writer.…