The Views From A Parc Riviera Condo Will Be Amazing

Between apartments and condos, most people choose to live in condominiums because it has more benefits than living in an apartment. These days, living in a condominium is common because it offers people a relaxed and hassle-free lifestyle for an affordable price. Condominiums are also chosen by people because they offer amenities such as swimming pools and gymnasiums that their residents can enjoy for free. That is why; a lot of estate companies are now investing in the development of condominiums. In fact, one of the newest installations of EL Development in Singapore is the Parc Riviera condo. This 36-storey building is expected to be completed by 2020.

Views From Parc Riviera

Parc Riviera is located on West Coast Vale which is the newest extension of the original West Coast Road. The condominium is erected in such a way that it will not block the movement of air. Hence, it will not feel hot and humid in the area. The location of Parc Riviera also makes it convenient for people because it is near commercial towns such as the Jurong District and Clementi. Parc Riviera has 752 units which vary based on the number of bedrooms. Currently, the condominium has two show flats for interested buyers.

Parc Riviera has two towers that will both face different environments. The first tower will be facing the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) that serves as a boundary for the West Coast Vale. To compensate for the noises that will come from the expressway, the rooms of the condominium facing the highway will start on the fifth floor. On the other hand, the second tower will be facing an open field. This field will be used for recreational purposes such as playing courts for tennis and basketball. Moreover, the Parc Riviera condo is located next to Pandan River which can serve as a calm and peaceful view for the residents of the condominium.…