The Mersing-Tioman Ferry – How To Get A Ticket

Tioman is a favorite destination for scuba diving experts as well as fanatics. In order to get to Tioman, you have to first go to Mersing. This is where you ride a ferry boat going to Tioman.

There is no other way to go to Tioman than Mersing. Mersing is known as the gateway to the beautiful island. And the only way to get to Tioman from Mersing is by riding the ferry boats in the town.

The ferries operating in Mersing are fast and reliable. They are also comfortable for those who are out for a nice vacation because they are air-conditioned. You get to spend your vacation full of ease and relaxation.

You can be more at ease when you book your tickets in advance. How do you do so? You can book in advance by booking ferry tickets online.

To book ferry ticket from Mersing to Tioman is easy. You can access available online sites that are fast and reliable. Choose your preferred schedule and go for the trip.

The ferry tickets usually cost 30 USD each. This is for a round trip Mersing to Tioman to Mersing trip. You can even avail of discounts if you go in groups of 20 or more.

Go to the online site, choose your schedule and settle your payment. Once your payment is settled, your purchase will be confirmed. You can get your tickets on-site. It is that easy.

You can claim your tickets with the use of your receipt. Nowadays, a virtual image of your receipt is already acceptable. However, just to make sure, you still need to have a print out of your ticket.

Once you are there, you can now enjoy the trip. Make sure you stay awake because the trip to Tioman is beautiful and enjoyable. Missing it would be like missing half of the vacation.…